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The Process


Benefits of this Book

Applying Real Work Processes, you will ensure that strategies
target initiatives that:


  • Drive critical and essential work.

  • Enhance the student experience by enhancing educators' experiences.

  • Improve measurable results.

  • Develop and align teams.

  • Enrich communication and strategic focus between team members and with other teams

Culture: Know who you are to support and facilitate
strategic work.
Strategy: Know what you need to do—what are the
essential results the organization must strive for.
Alignment: Make sure everyone else knows what you
need to do and how they link to and support those goals.
Execution: Do Real Work, follow through, then sustain
it over time.





The Benefits of Doing Real Work
What is Fake Work?
Causes of Fake Work


The 10 Characteristics of HPC

The Assessments

1. Individual Assessment. Take assessment number 1
to get a snapshot of you, your team, and your organization from your point of view.


2. Team Assessment. Contact a representative to take this assessment as a team for
a more thorough look at your team and the critical things that affect how you function effectively.


3. Comprehensive Organizational Assessment:
Engage in this amazing analysis of your organization. This
tool provide a complete overview of how your organization is
doing complete with a report and feedback from an expert.

Why Use this Assessment:

The Comprehensive Organizational Assessment will:
1. Help you better understand how you are doing and what you need
to address to be successful.
2. Pinpoint and focus on essential issues regarding: Leadership,
Communication, Strategy, Alignment, Execution, and Teamwork.
3. Provide you with a comprehensive report with statistics, feedback,
and recommendations.
4. Establish a relationship to analyze and interpret results.
5. Create a game plan to attack gaps and build a high-performance


The book and all the Real Work it reflects describes processes that we use
to understand an organization, to create focus, and to create a journey to
the best organization we can be.

Overview of Online System
And visual of it for educators
Call to action. Subscribe and contact. That gives us their information for a
follow-up demo offer. 

Culture is the ecosystem of every organization—and it reveals so much.

Cultural norms evolve when behaviors and beliefs are mutually under-
stood and accepted over time. Culture connects the elements that make up a society: the arts, sciences, and all human intellectual achievements.

Video 5: The Paths to Real Work
Video 6: A Thriving Culture Enables Success
Video 7: Strategic Thinking/Strategic
The Work Itself Session Materials

The centerpiece of our work began as The Work Itself Sessions. The goal was to provide a link from strategy to execution. This was critical work that was a gap in most organizations. That process is still a working focal point.

The Work Itself Sessions are a facilitated process that The Work Itself
facilitators provide. We also offer the opportunity for you to become a
Certified Facilitator for your organization. Figure III.5 in the book lists the phases of work in the sessions. The following session tools are available on the companion website. Some of these are also listed above under “Exercises.”


 - Exercise 4.1: My Work Priorities
 - Exercise 4.2: Determining How to Align Our Team
 - Exercise P4.1: What I Do at Work
 - Exercise P4.2: Six Real Work Tasks and Their Strategic

 - Exercise P5.1: Execute Real Work Tasks
 - Exercise P6.1: Template for Drafting a Real Work Plan The
    complete Chart Set is available to purchase online.


This part of the process has two parts: Getting the right work done, and
sustaining the process long-term. Without the long-term commitment, you
can turn this into Fake Work. Stay engaged.

Video 8: Alignment
Do the Right Work!
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